Audition Information

Audition information and times are arranged by appointment only.  An online audition form is required and is below.

Incredible Opportunity Program

Audition Information

Who can Audition?  SYSO sponsors 20 students, 9 – 13 years old, who would like to learn to play the violin, viola, or cello.  There are several requirements to be considered, but no audition is necessary.  Apply for this Incredible Opportunity by following this link.

Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra

Fill out the form below and pay $10 audition fee.  You will be contacted when your audition time is scheduled on August 12th or 13th, 2017.  Have a question?  Contact us.

Who can Audition? Children ages 8 through 17 who already play a string instrument and can read music well may audition for the Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra. You must fill out our online audition form, below, for an appointment to audition.

Audition Requirements:

  • 4 minutes of contrasting material from student’s repertoire (Solo or Etude).
  • Scales – through 4 flats and sharps (major):
    • – one octave for winds and brass- at least two octaves for strings (you may play a 3rd octave if comfortable)
  • Sight Reading.
  • Excerpts for your specific instrument posted to the audition website.

Here are the excerpts for SYSO to prepare. SYP does not need to prepare these.

Suburban Youth Philharmonic

Audition Requirements:

  • A single selection from student’s repertoire
  • Scales – through 2 sharps and 1 flat (major)
  • Sight Reading
  • There is not an excerpt requirement for Philharmonic Students.

Suburban Youth Strings

Who can Audition? This group is for more advanced string players who would like to learn challenging repertoire in addition to playing in the orchestra. Selection for this group is based on audition and recommendation by the music director.

Audition Requirements:

  • 2 minutes fast technical music;
  • 2 minutes slow lyrical music from student’s repertoire. May be two different pieces or contrasting sections from one piece. (Solo or etude is acceptable)
  • Scales – C Major through E Major/A-flat Major (No sharps/flats through 4 sharps/flats) – 3 octaves  – you may use your scale book
  • Sight reading.

View the helpful video below for audition tips.

Auditions are held yearly by Invitation only.  This year auditions were held August 12 & 13th, 2017 at

The Music Connection of Orland Park, 10751 165th Street, Orland Park, IL 60467

Once you are accepted, attendance at all weekly rehearsals and performances is mandatory, with two exceptions: illness, and music-related functions at which your attendance is required by your school.

Audition Form

Please fill out the Audition form below.  Then if you wish to pay the audition fee via paypal, click the Pay Audition Fee button after you fill out the form.

Audition Fee

Payment of a $10 audition fee is required prior to your audition and may be paid via PayPal. Click the button to begin: