Category: Homework

Oct. 16th Homework

IOP- Essential Elements #20-22, 31, and 53.  A string notes and bowstenics.   SYSO- Focus on excerpts with flat keys and g sharps.

October 2nd Homework

IOP: -D string notes -Pencil exercise p. 7-8 -bowstenics (circles, salt, stir the soup, windshield wiper, operation) -#47   SYSO: Practice all of your music.

September 18th Homework

SYSO: Review 221B Baker Street for seating auditions IOP: First 4 pages of playing exercises in Essential Elements

September 11th Homework

IOP: Practice posture and naming the open strings of the instrument (Each And Every Ant) SYSO: Identify trouble spots in new music and work on individual parts. Please note parts may change around next week.