Suburban Youth Strings

Suburban Youth StringsSuburban Youth Strings (SYS) is a select group of students from SYSO who are interested in learning more challenging music. In the past, SYS has performed music of Haydn and Mozart as well as Latin and ethnic composers. The ensemble is made up of about 8 to 12 students and meets each Sunday from 3:00-4:00, which is one hour prior to the SYSO rehearsal. SYS performs their own selections and then joins the SYSO on each concert. Additionally, SYS is given other performing opportunities in the community, on occasion.  Students interested in joining SYS would audition for Emily Mantell, director of SYS. Audition requirements: Prepare one scale of your choice. Play as many octaves as you’re comfortable with. Play two contrasting selections, (slow and fast), maximum two minutes each.

Selection for this group is based on audition and recommendation by the music director.  Audition Requirements